Hey There.  I'm Rachael Cunningham.

Honestly, my whole life has been leading me to become a relationship coach.

I got married young (19) and I've now been married for 24 years!

I adore my husband - but it hasn't always felt like Happily-Ever-After. 

I know the blessings of a good relationship and I know the struggles of broken relationships. From my own childhood abuse trauma to having high needs kids, to the ups and downs of being married to an entrepreneur... my own life and marriage have not been easy.

There were times during our marriage that I felt alone and wondered why I got married so young.

But over time I realized that I could either leave my marriage or improve my marriage. Remaining disconnected when we had such huge life struggles in front of us was no longer an option. So, I decided to improve my marriage. I used the very tools I teach my clients now. I know firsthand that they work.

I've been teaching and mentoring in various capacities for almost 15 years.

I began coaching women (and their partners) through childbirth as a doula - where I saw them at their most vulnerable times. Seeing the strength of so many women and witnessing their partners support them during one of the most important journeys of their life, taught me so much.

It taught me the resilience and strength of a woman and showed me the importance of connection during the most challenging times of life.

I became a certified yoga instructor and health coach, diving deep into the importance of self-care. And I noticed that the one thing that always came up while mentoring others was their relationships. So I began embracing that. So you want to talk about your husband during an entire session on emotional eating? Absolutely - I'm all in!

I LOVE love.

Whether it's the love of a mom for her children, the love between romantic partners, or the unbreakable bond between two good friends...

Healthy relationships matter.

So I fell in love with Relationship Coaching. I fell in love with helping others know how to love in the most difficult situations.

I became a Certified Life Coach through The Life Coach School and now help women every day to heal their relationships - starting with themselves first. YES, Beautiful! You get to come first! 

I am passionate about what I do because I KNOW first-hand the power of having an incredible relationship with the person you've chosen to live this life with! Marriage should be fun. It should be connected. It should be a place of peace even during hard times. 

I believe a healthy relationship is available for you too.

If you want to know how you can work with me and are ready to take your marriage to the next level, schedule a FREE Constulations Here, and lets' talk!