Ep 39: Rekindle Your Marriage, Day 2

In today’s episode,  you’ll learn the ground rules for a healthy marriage.

When you approach your relationship with the foundation that you are both worthy of total and complete love, you create safety in your marriage.

✅ Safety to get curious about your differences.
✅ Safety to connect and be vulnerable with each other.
✅ Safety to have different opinions without criticism.
✅ Safety to let your fire be lit up be each other! 😉

How have you been withholding love from yourself? And where can you lean into giving yourself the love and acceptance that you need?

Where have you been withholding love from your partner? And where can you lean into the joy of offering love and acceptance to your Main Squeeze this week?

Feel the peace that this one shift – the lovability rule – brings to your relationship!

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