Ep 42: Rekindle Your Marriage, Day 5

In today’s episode, you’ll hear Day 5 of The Rekindle Your Marriage Workshop.

You’ll hear the importance of investing in two of your most important assets: Your mind and your marriage.

Studies have shown the best use of one’s time and money is in their own emotional wellness and relationships.

Your mind and marriage are more important than any material items or experience you could buy … because the latter … is temporary. But your Mind and your Relationships are not.

If you’re a married woman … and especially a married woman with kids, you are not used to investing in yourself.

For me, during much of my marriage and parenting, I came last. Not because others were trying to put me last … but because I put myself last.

Then one day I realized that the best thing I could do to help my family was to take incredible care of my own mental, emotional, and physical well-being.

After that, I realized the next best thing I could do for myself and my family, was to do my part in creating a marriage that was whole and healthy.

Brain fitness + Relationship fitness = a pretty incredible life.

Listen on to find out why.

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