Ep 45: How To Create Pleasure In Your Relationship

So many women want more intimacy and pleasure in their relationship. They want to be able to enjoy connection – emotional and physical with their partner.

It can feel like so much is in the way of that. With our own busy lives and our partner’s busy lives, raising kids, and dealing with the emotional weight of keeping things running smoothly, is there space for pleasure?

Is there time for joy?

Is there time for connection and intimacy?

I believe there is. I believe having more pleasure in your relationship, starts in your mind. It begins with taking moments to get in touch with your own joy and pleasure throughout your day

When you do so, you’ll give your nervous system permission to chill.

And when your nervous system chills the f out … your body, mind, and soul are ready … ready to welcome pleasure – in all areas! 

Listen to the full episode to start bringing back pleasure in your life and relationship today!

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