Ep 56: How To Improve Your Physical Health By Embracing Your Emotions

Have you ever made a commitment to make a serious change in your life and then given up on it after a day or two of struggle?

Of course, you have. You’re a human being with a brain that doesn’t like change or anything uncomfortable. We’ve all been there – over and over again. 

So with any shift that you’re serious about making – whether it’s eating healthier, cutting back on alcohol, exercising, or even being more present with your family – your power is found in being willing to feel uncomfortable.

You also have to be willing to feel all the emotions that you’ve been unconsciously numbing through the habits you’re trying to break!

At first, you might feel sadness, loneliness, and frustration, even more, when you begin to step away from the habits that temporarily numb these emotions. 

In today’s episode, you’ll learn the power of feeling and processing your emotions – and how it’s the only way to achieve your health goals successfully. 

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