Ep 101: How To Communicate With A Defensive Partner


In this episode of “Joyful Love,” I tell you exactly how to deal with a defensive partner. We’ve all been there, attempting to address issues or seek improvements in our relationships, only to have our partners become defensive.

This episode explores why this happens and provides practical strategies to foster a deeper connection and open communication with your spouse.

You’ll hear how my client, Sarah had success in helping her husband feel comfortable in conversations about making change. And I’ll tell you the five tools she adopted to help her do so.

You’ll learn how to create understanding, validate emotions, and work collaboratively to resolve issues, ultimately leading to a more harmonious and supportive partnership.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  1. Gain insights from a client’s success story in transforming a defensive dynamic into a more peaceful and connected relationship.
  2. Learn the five essential steps to effectively respond to your partner’s defensiveness, including active listening, validation, perspective exploration, and collaboration.
  3. Understand that improving your relationship goes beyond surface-level issues; it’s about building confidence in yourself to navigate and manage both solvable and unsolvable problems in your partnership.

Tune in to “Joyful Love” and equip yourself with the tools and knowledge to foster healthier, more satisfying relationships.

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