Ep 102: From Overwhelm to Peace: Navigating Holiday Hustle with Ease

As the holiday season approaches, the desire to create lasting memories for our families often clashes with the need for personal rest and relaxation.

In this episode, we explore how to strike a balance between nurturing our own well-being and ensuring joyful experiences for loved ones.

What you’ll learn: 

  1. Striking a Balance: Learn how to harmonize personal rest with family holiday activities without reaching the breaking point.
  2. Client Stories: Here a few real-life examples of clients who managed to honor their need for rest while creating memorable moments for their families. 
  3. Preventing Overwhelm: Practical steps to avoid overwhelming situations during the Holiday season and what self-respect has to do with it.
  4. The Power of Emotions: Embrace both positive and challenging emotions to create space for joy and peace during the holidays.

Get ahead of the game this season. A peaceful and connected Holiday begins with This episode!

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