Ep 105: What Is Love? With Cris Cunningham

In this episode of Joyful Love, Cris joins me as we discuss the meaning of LOVE. After 27 years, our definition of love has changed a little. Or maybe a lot. 

One thing we agree on is that the more we care for ourselves, the easier it is to love each other.  But how do we do that when life is so hard? How do we actively love ourselves in thought and action so that loving others is easier? 

Is it possible to love someone else when you neglect and criticize yourself? Tune in to hear this important discussion and find out. 

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • What Love means to a married couple of 27 years
  • How we see ourselves matters
  • Why being aware of your thinking matters in relationships
  • How Nature helps us to be present with our own worthiness and beauty

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