Ep 106: Calm, Cool, And Connected Parenting With Pam Howard

In this episode of Joyful Love, I sit down with Master Parenting Coach and author of “Less Drama More Mama,” Pam Howard. Together, we delve into practical strategies for having a more calm, cool, and connected experience with motherhood. 

One of the key topics we explore is the all-too-relatable issue of yelling at our kids. Pam offers invaluable guidance on how to break free from this cycle.

And what about when you don’t agree with your partner? Pam helps us understand how to view our relationship as a team, even if we’re not on the same page. 

Whether you’re a seasoned parent or just embarking on this journey, this episode offers invaluable insights for fostering a nurturing relationship with your children … without hindering your relationship with your spouse! 

Tune in to episode 106 as Pam helps us create less drama and more meaningful connections in our families. 

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • How To Stop Yelling At Your Kids
  • What to do when you don’t like your partner’s parenting style
  • How to have more peace in motherhood
  • Your kids are not a problem!

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