Ep 60: Asking The Right Questions For Relationship Growth

On this episode of Joyful Love, I talk about asking the right questions to get better results in your life and relationships.

Our brains want to focus on the negative, so it’s natural to think there are problems where there are not.  When we focus on the wrong issue, it distracts us from making the changes we do need to make. 

In this episode, I share how I thought my desire for alone time was a problem for enjoying married life. I thought there was something wrong with me because of my personality. So I felt guilt and shame. 

But when I decided to embrace my desire for alone time instead of viewing it as a problem, I was able to find peace in who I was. And then I began asking, “what do I really want here?” How can I make marriage enjoyable AND give myself the alone time that I crave?

When we stop making everything negative – we’re able to create change quickly where we need to. When we remember that we are worthy of love and respect – and so are our partners – we can focus on the right questions to drive us toward connection and alignment. 

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