Ep 68: How Increasing Self Worth Makes Communication Easier

In our conversations with our loved ones, we can get real critical real quick.

“If he’d just do things this way, he’d be better.” “If she’d act this way, I could love her easier.”

And with each critical thought or remark, we hold ourselves back from deep connection between our soul and our partner’s soul.

But it doesn’t start (or stop) with our loved ones. We turn that criticism on ourselves every chance we can get.

“If I’d stick to this habit, I’d be prettier.” Or, “Ugh, I’m so stupid!” 
We’ve all had similar thoughts at one point or another.

Look, if criticism and loathing changed anything about our lives for the better, I’d tell you to do it all day long.

But it doesn’t. It makes things worse. Because the inability to see your innate worth and beauty is KEY to connecting to the heart and soul – of yourself and your partner.

And that’s what we want, right? Connection.

Deep connection.

Join me today as I share the replay of Day One of the Connected Communication Challenge.

Listen, Absorb, and open your heart to more love today.

You are worthy, exactly as you are. And so is your partner. 

Listen to the full episode to learn more.

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