Ep 81: How To Stop Feeling Irritated & Build Connection With More Ease

In today’s episode, we are revisiting the workshop I taught at the beginning of April. You’ll learn why you’re feeling so irritated (Hint: it’s not because your partner is just too annoying after all!)

And you’ll learn how to stop the irritation and see things from a new perspective.

This isn’t sticking your head in the sand and pretending that everything is okay …. nope we don’t do that here. But we DO discover where our power is and take that power back!

You are the only one responsible for your emotions – your joy – your peace … and even the irritation you feel in life. When you feel stuck, and out of control of your own life, of COURSE you’ll feel irritated.

There’s a simple way to take charge of your thoughts and feelings so that you can create change where it’s needed … and accept the things that aren’t your responsibility to change!

This is where freedom is! Freedom to experience joy and freedom to create deeper connection with your partner!

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