Ep 83: Create A Healthy Relationship With Genuine Acts Of Kindness

I talk a lot about thoughts and feelings on this podcast. While your thoughts are the root of your results, the truth is that without actions,  your partner may not know you love them! And vice versa of course.

So in today’s episode, we’ll be discussing the importance of being an action-taker in your own love life.

Expressing love and affection through verbal and non-verbal gestures creates emotional connection.

In this episode, you’ll learn five action skills you can begin learning and practicing today. And you’ll notice, they don’t take much time at all! So don’t worry. You won’t be creating more busy work for yourself.

You might even save time by adding in these loving actions!

Tune in and learn how to create a sense of safety and security in your relationship and help your partner know – without a doubt that you totally and completely love them!

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