Ep 86: How To Manage Money When You Love Spending: With Financial Coach, Franchelle Caesar

Are you a spender? You know if you are.

The impulse buys online. The purchases so frequent that you have no clue what those 7 Amazon charges are in your credit card statement.

And the coffee shop down the road? You might as well just give them your credit card to keep on file at this point. Oh wait – you have.

Every month you try to reign in the spending and you recommit, “Okay, that’s It. This month is a SPENDING FREEZE.”

And then 4 days in you realize your budget is already getting pinched because of unplanned purchases.

Or maybe it’s not you that’s the spender, maybe it’s your partner. And it’s enough to drive you mad. There are 2 different types of people in the world: Savers and Spenders. And quite often, we’re married to each other.

How do we solve this problem? Can Spenders and Savers find a path to understanding and reaching peace together?

Yes. And Franchelle Caesar is the financial coach who will show you the missing pieces for people who constantly spend and how to speak their language.

So whether you’re the spender or your partner is, tune in to today’s episode, and let’s shed some light on a very misunderstood group of people: Spenders.

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