Ep 87: When Your Sex Life Needs Help

Every long-term committed couple will have issues to navigate in their sex life. It’s important to know this.

You are normal. Nothing is wrong with you if you feel like something is lacking in your sex life.

The busyness of life, parenting, different goals, communication issues, and changing hormones can all affect a couple’s passion.

And most couples just try to figure it out on their own …. without much success.

Unfortunately, a lackluster intimate life can lead to feelings of guilt, rejection, frustration, and even resentment.

So today we’ll explore the most important first steps to bring more (or better) intimacy back to your relationship.

✅ You’ll learn the most important emotion to cultivate to create a better sex life.
✅ You’ll learn why knowing how your body responds to desire is more important than figuring out how to increase your libido.

You deserve to experience pleasure and satisfaction in your love life.

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