Ep 89: How To Have More Fun

Holy Moly! We need some fun in our lives!

Sometimes life can get so busy and hectic that we forget to feed our soul’s desire for freedom and fun. And that’s when life becomes boring and stagnant – even though you feel like you’re moving at lightning speed all day.

When life stays the same and you feel bored, your brain tries to fix the problem by convincing you that false pleasures that are negative for you are actually fun … like overeating, over-drinking and over-spending. 

And for like 2 seconds, you do feel pleasure. But since it doesn’t last – and since these things don’t add to your life in a positive way,  once again, you’re left feeling like life is such a drag.

If this sounds like you, you need some fun.

Listen to today’s episode to hear the case for slowing down, enjoying what you’ve got, and welcoming new adventures in your life.

Your soul is craving some fun! Listen to it.

In this Episode, you’ll learn:

  • How Being present opens the doors for more enjoyment out of life.
  • Why our soul craves Fun and how to listen to it.
  • How To metaphorically shake up the snow globe
  • Why it’s not helpful to blame your partner for your boring life

How cultivating an attitude of gratitude for life as it is can spark creativity and pleasure

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