Ep 91: Loving Through Listening & Responding, A Conversation With My Husband

All humans want the same thing – to be HEARD and SEEN. And when a marriage begins to feel disconnected, you don’t have to look too deep to realize that one or both partners are not feeling heard and seen. 

Our relationships often begin this way – where we know that our partner is truly seeing our deepest beauty. They’re supportive of our heart’s desires.  And it’s a shared experience. Your spouse feels like you see and appreciate their good too.

Damn, those early days feel good, don’t they?

Listening and responding to each other’s hearts is why we fell in love in the first place.

But after a few years of marriage, kids, careers, home repairs, aging parents, bills, and retirement plans … and so much more … It’s SO hard to slow down to hear and see our partners.

I was talking to Cris about this the other day. Since he’s an actor, I was curious … How – as an actor – does he tune everything out on stage and in front of cameras – to LISTEN and RESPOND to the other characters?

So asked him what his process was – to genuinely listen. And we recorded the conversation!

Here’s what you’ll learn in this episode:

  • A simple process to listen to others when they’re talking
  • How to look deeper than the words they’re saying.
  • Why saying the “right thing” back should not be your focus.
  • How to listen to your partner’s heart and encourage their passions
  • How listening is a practice that we’ll be improving for a lifetime, but it’s so worth it!

Today’s conversation takes place on our back porch, along with the birds and crickets!

Join us! And then take the challenge to listen and respond to your partner this week! 

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