Ep 96: Navigating Different Communication Styles With Your Partner

Communication with two different people who live all of life together can get tricky at times. Our decisions affect each other. And the way we talk to each other matters. 

Often we’re married to someone who is opposite from us in communication styles. 

One can be an internal processor, where they need time and space on their own to think about decisions.

And the other can be more external. The external processor needs to verbally express their thoughts and opinions.

If we don’t understand these different needs, it’s easy to take offense at your partner’s communication style. 

How do you not feel ignored when your partner is quiet?

How do you not feel bombarded when your partner expresses all of their stress out loud? 

If you’ve ever been confused by how you or your partner respond and communicate, tune in to this episode. 

You’ll learn the difference between the two communication styles and how to use them for the good of your relationship instead of against it. 

You’ll learn to hold space for each other’s hearts and to trust that you and your partner are on the same team. You’re kicking the ball to the same goal … even if you have a different route to getting there!

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