Ep. 25: A Discussion On Abuse: Netflix’s MAID

Cris and I just finished binge-watching MAID on Netflix. It’s a show based on the book by Stephanie Land. MAID follows one woman’s story of leaving an abusive relationship. 

In today’s episode, Cris joins me as we open a dialogue about abuse. We talk about our experiences of abuse as children and how we’re healing together. 

How do you make that first step to seek help if you’re in an abusive relationship?

How do you heal as a married couple from past abuse and trauma?

Join us as we scratch the surface on these issues. 

What You’ll Get From This Episode:

  • Why asking for help is so hard.
  • How childhood trauma affects your marriage.
  • Healing from the past is a journey that you can embark on together
  • If you’re in an abusive relationship, asking for help is step one.

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