Ep 30: Decide To Be All In

In this episode, I’m excited to give you Day 1 of the Rekindle Your Marriage Workshop.

I offered this 5 Day workshop inside the Facebook Group last week and it helped a ton of women light a flame in their marriage again. 

We covered everything from making the powerful decision to be all in –  to teamwork and taking ownership for how you show up.

We also learned the two most important ground rules for having a connected, joyful marriage.

This is the place to start if you’re ready to improve your relationship this week.

Listen to Day 1 right here on Episode 30 and get inspired to rekindle your own relationships. And then head over to rachaelcunningham.com/rekindle to sign up for the complete 5-day workshop.

What You’ll Get From This Episode:

  • Why most marriages need help.
  • Journal prompts and thoughts to dig deeper.
  • How one decision can bring more fun and excitement back to your marriage.
  • Three things your brain wants and how to work with it. 

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