Ep 32: New Years Desires

There are a few ways of thinking about the New Year.

One, that it’s just another week to keep planning and growing – just like any other week.

Or two, you can get excited about reaching for new goals and dive into the excitement of new beginnings.

Or maybe you’re someone stuck in the middle – not sure how you want to approach the new year.

Wherever you’re at right now, know that you’re all good… right where you’re at! There are no right or wrong ways to approach the year.

There’s just your life… and how you choose to live it.

But if you’re struggling to move forward this week – unsure of where to begin, listen to today’s episode. It’ll give you some practical steps to tap into your desires – not things that you feel like you ‘should’ do … but the things you WANT to do. For you!

What You’ll Get From This Episode:

  • Why your brain needs boredom.
  • The Number one question to ask yourself this year.
  • The Brain Hack To Reach Your Goals
  • Your goals don’t make you happy
  • The importance of the journey

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