Ep 37: Let’s Talk About Will Smith’s Memoir

Will is the memoir of actor and musician Will Smith.  The memoir provides a glimpse into Will’s life from his days as a child all the way through his struggles in marriage.

Cris and I recently listened to the audio version together.

There were so many insights on what it takes to have a healthy relationship that we decided to chat about it on the podcast today!

Tune in to hear why I think Will Smith just wrote the best marriage book of the year!

What You’ll Get From This Episode:

• Why your partner can’t validate you enough

• Giving yourself permission to ask, “What do I want?”

• Happiness and contentment autonomously

• Balancing your innate desires with your family life.
• Being present in the moment – whatever that moment is.

• Creating an atmosphere of being friends first

Mentioned On The Show:

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